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LADIES! See Why You Must Never Ask An Average Nigerian Guy Out [MUST READ]

LADIES! See Why You Must Never Ask An Average Nigerian Guy Out [MUST READ]

I was hanging out with my brother and his friends yesterday and they were talking about girls.

I was so engrossed with my phone so they thought i wasn’t listening to what they were saying, but i was, they were talking about girls, i concentrated on a particular girl who asked him out and he said no because he doesn’t like her and all that.

I noticed that most guys find it attractive when girls ask them out, to some it’s bravery and it takes alot of courage, and they might end up cherishing you because of it.

Some think its desperacy and will look down on you from then onwards, asking such guys out has alot of backlash, it gives them this idea that they’re a worthy prize for the troubles you had to go through to ask them out.

Then comes the puffed up ego and attitude, they always threaten to leave you the moment something goes wrong, after all they’re so cool you had to ask them out, then they walk around with their shoulders high like deputy jesus, you’ll never be respected in such relationship.

Then there’s the question of maybe he feels the same way about you, guys are polygamous in nature, they want something they go get it, it’s in their nature, he might be into someone else, not you who asked him out, coercing him to start feeling the same way you feel about him is not happening,

The desperate girl who threw herself cheaply at him by asking him out won’t have the same value as the one who played hard to get and he had to invest his time and effort to get her after trying For a very long time.

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Ladies be wise, we ain’t white people, never ask a nigerian guy out, unless you’re prepared to pamper, worship, adore, beg deputy jesus for the rest of your life, and he’ll still be giving you childish attitude.

Show him all the green light you can, if he’s too stupid not to get the clue, save whatever dignity and self esteem you have left and leave him alone.

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