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8 Habits You Need To Quit If You Want To Keep Your

It’s hard to say whether we are relationship material or not until we go through some hardships and make some mistakes.

Nevertheless, there are things you can and need to avoid if you want to build healthier relationships right away, without
having to go through all the hell. There are certain bad habits you can quit and some behavior patterns you can at least try

Women tend to go with their emotions, which sometimes overpowers logic and reasoning. That’s why we should
occasionally take a step back and look at our relationships from a new perspective.

Here are 8 habits you need to quit if you
want to be happy with your man.

1. Quit Snooping
Most women think it’s okay to stalk their men at least a little bit, but we urge you to avoid it at all costs. Trust is something
that goes both ways, so if you want your boyfriend to trust you, you should do the same! It’s okay to do a little research
on the guy via social media at the beginning of your relationship, but do you really want to spoil all the fun when he tells
you about himself?

If you’ve already spent some time together, snooping around will do you no good and will only lead to

2. Quit Taking Score
It feels really good when you do something for your partner, whether it’s a gift or a huge favor. But it’s a dangerous path
because we often wait for something that we might never get in return.

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If you want to make your other half happy while
being happy yourself – do everything only out of love, without keeping score for your ‘good deeds’. This way you’ll avoid
frustration and unnecessary sacrifices that will drain energy out of your relationships. Stay healthy to keep your
relationships healthy as well!

3. Quit Bringing Up Past Fights
This is one of those things that happen naturally during a fight, but you should really control the urge to bring up past
fights as it does nothing to resolve the issues you are dealing with right now.

Fighting is an essential part of relationships as it helps to deal with different problems and overcome difficulties that make your life a little bit less happy. Stay focused
on the problems you need to resolve right now as that is what really matters.

4. Quit Expecting
Romcoms, fairy tales, fiction novels, and adult movies are quite unrealistic when it comes to relationships. You should stop
expecting impossible things from your other half to avoid frustration and anger

Your boyfriend is not a magician who is here to fulfill all your dreams and destroy all your miseries, but all these things might still happen if you build a strong bond
and learn how to help each other without expecting some unrealistic feedback in return.

5. Quit Saying You’re Fine When You’re Obviously Not
Being overly emotional might be harmful for your relationships, but suppressing your emotions is even worse.

There’s no point in lying about how you feel especially if the person has already asked you about it. Naturally, our boyfriends and
girlfriends can feel if something is wrong, so it’s always better to explain what’s bugging you and try resolving the issue.
Otherwise you will feel neglected and will get even angrier, making things more dramatic for both of you.

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Trust and honesty are the bed rock elements of all relationships, so don’t be afraid to speak up when something is wrong.

6. Quit Comparing
It’s important to always focus on the good stuff. If you compare your boyfriend with your ex, celebrity, your movie crush,
or even your best friend, you risk missing all the good parts and amazing qualities of your man.

Comparing yourself with his ex, for example, is also no good and will do you only harm.

Dwelling on the things that are lacking from your relationships can turn your life into hell, so be wise and quit comparing.

Your life together will become much easier after that!

7. Quit Being Clingy 24/7
Spending time apart is an essential part of keeping your relationships healthy. We all have different personalities with
various needs and some people need more time alone than others.

If you are more of an extravert and like to talk a lot and
spend time together and your partner is someone who likes spending evenings alone with books or movies, please respect his

It is not necessary to spend all the time together to build steady relationships, but you do need to spend at least
some time apart to keep your meetings fresh. Even if you live together, make sure you have time to focus on yourself and
think about your goals, needs, family, and friends.

8. Quit Trying To Change Yourself (Or Your Partner)
If you can’t fully accept the person you’ve fallen in love with, you will only hurt yourself later. You can’t get into
relationships thinking you will make your boyfriend change his lifestyle or that his life needs some improvements.

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Your partner is not someone who should meet all your needs and expectations, but a person you can trust and rely upon. You
share energy, grow together, and become better people, but don’t think that you’ll be happier if he starts acting not like
himself, but someone else.

Your partner will only be miserable trying to meet your needs, an

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