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Very Interesting!! Diary Of An Upcoming Artist (Episode 2)

Hello Guys,

In case you missed the previous episode, Episode 1 ( Read HERE).

I started collecting together Email address, Twitter and Instagram handle, and phone numbers of top OAPs, Musicians, Bloggers, Djs, and sent out messages to them soliciting for support and sponsorship.

I attached one of my best songs to every email I sent out and also sent direct messages to them via instagram and other social media channel. I know you want to know the outcome, you see I waited for two weeks, every day I would check my mail inbox like one of those guys who book a whole week game on online football bet (guys who do football betting can relate well) the way you keep looking at the bet slip every hour and then you check your phone for live score.

The result? …. Hmmmm none out of the thirty musicians I mailed replied. “shey your shocked, me sef na so I shock o after waiting for two whole weeks” only one blogger replied my message the blogger was like “Good song just keep it up one day the world will hear you” he didn’t even post the song on his blog o, but atleast he replied na, one out of the 3 OAPs that replied said she doesn’t “run an entertainment outfit” while the other two just had words of encouragement, all that “keep the fire burning thing.”

As for the Djs my brothers and sisters nothing person no go see for this life, imagine one of them even replied me with his music promotion price list!!! I wept.

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Every evening I would lock myself up in my room, I avoided any face to face contact with my father as best as I could but trust that man he suddenly seemed to be everywhere, his three weeks were like 3 days because whenever we mistakenly cross paths he would ask “I hope you have made up your mind” and I will just nod and shake my head at the same time (you know that funny response powered by fear, confusion and humility).

So na so two weeks pass and nothing happened, I thought of looking for a sugar mummy, tried few sites but…… ok even if I wanted to do a song with any top artist so it would increase my blowing opportunity, the amount for featuring an artist alone is enough for me to do a song and a good music video and promote it. This big artist have no chill they can charge like ehnnn…… only God will help us (upcoming artist) I wonder if they wish us well and want us to ever succeed like they have done.

Before I continue let me gist you about the so-called big shows-those top notch events, as an upcoming, we can do anything to be on that gigantic stage with all that light and camera, it’s an opportunity to perform on a stage where other top artist would perform and be seen by a large crowd of people.

I remember one or two occasions where I had to settle the organizers to be able to perform in a big event, (settle as in money). One worked out well I climbed the big stage and did my thing even though the nonsense crowd were just looking like they were molded there , nobody screamed or fainted or climb the stage to hug me because I wasn’t a star artist, I hadn’t even performed up to sixty seconds and the next thing I heard was “scccrrraaaeeeeeewwwww” the Dj stopped the music, the Mc came and collected the mic and begged the crowd to “clap for me” and that was it, but I still went home fulfilled at least I performed for a crowd of over 5000 persons.

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The second event…. Hmmmm…. that night the organizer refused to pick my call after all the wine and recharge cards.

Most hardworking aspiring artist can relate with those funny auditions they do for we upcoming artist at big events, they do a rough audition and select a few of us that will be used to water ground before the real top goons would perform.

Chai!, and how we struggle to take photo shots with these top musicians when they come around for sound check, pictures we just want to upload on our social media to intimidate our friends

(Hahaha I know you can relate well). Anyway that one aside, I have just one week left and my ideas weren’t yielding anything, maybe I will just go to school and along the line try other means to blow.

… But just then another idea came to my head. It’s a blowjob!!!!!!!!!!!


Drop your comments if you like this story! Part 3 drops in few days.

Written by:- Dumebi Digbara

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