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» RELATIONSHIP TALK !! Beyond Love, What More Is Required?

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During a training, I found out a couple married for over 25 years were filing for a divorce. Out of curiosity, I was forced to ask why, the response was ‘’I got tired’’. Now, this brings me to the realization that, it takes more than love to build a home.

It takes more than those sweet words, those love letters, cute face, much more than that is required.

These are some of those things to put into consideration when going into any firm of relationship with anyone. They are the things required when love fails.

1. Trust
The thing is, you can trust someone you don’t love, but it is almost impossible to love someone you don’t trust. Trust is a very essential part of any relationship. Trust is a foundation that keeps any relationship and make you sustain the test of time. If you don’t trust the person you are with, it is not possible for you to put your all to the relationship. You are more likely to pull back.

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2. Loyalty
Loyalty is one ingredient aside love that keeps a relationship. Loyalty is one strong attribute that helps maintain trust anytime. This is likened to faithfulness. A relationship where one partner falls short or is fond of being unfaithful, poses great harm. It is important to make your partner feel like you’ve got their back anytime. Nothing hurt more than staying with a partner that is not loyal.

3. Forgiveness
Nobody is perfect, not even you reading this article. You must be able to understand that there are cases you just have to practise forgiveness. It is never easy to let go, but it is worth it as it is way forward in any relationship. If you love someone, you should be ready to accept their flaws too. There are some situations beyond you where forgiveness is impossible, just let go and give yourself time to heal. Letting go is also a way to show love sometimes. When you learn how to forgive, life becomes easier.

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4. Communication
You can love someone and hardly communicate but the feeling still remains. It is not like that in relationships. You must communicate frequently, as this is the best way to strengthen the relationship and deepen the love. When you have great communication, you are able to know ways to resolve issues, know the do’s and don’ts of your partner. Communication is an essential tool to a great relationship. You should be able to speak your mind on what you feel, how you feel and way forward.

5. Compatibility
You must connect mentally, physically and emotionally. Relationship is not just a matter of saying you love someone. You must be able to act on it, make efforts to sustain it. One of the ways to do this is to stay in touch. Even if you love someone, it is possible they are not good for you. That is why it is important to check compatibilities before going into any relationship. If you claim you love someone and you don’t share same future plans or beliefs, then there is really no need.

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6. Commitment
This is bedrock for any relationship that aims to last long. Aside love, it is important to stay committed. This is what keeps you together in the face of challenges. Love is easy to get, so far there is something to get in return. It takes commitment to make a person stay when there is nothing to get in return. If you find someone that is committed to you, hold on to them. It is a great asset.

Love really is important to make any relationship work. Love is what makes it all worth it in the beginning. Love comes with feelings attached to it. Just that, it takes beyond love to make a relationship work. If love was enough, then so many couples wouldn’t breakup or go through divorce. Some factors are required to bring about stability, strength and growth.

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