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» Erotic Story – Lady In Red Part 1 [ 18+ / Adult Stories ]

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I have always prayed for a stable relationship. It’s been two years now and I have had smooth sailing with Chichi, my girlfriend. It was finally happening. A stable relationship at last! I was already planning my proposal, but I wouldn’t do it on Valentine’s Day. Everybody does that, and her birthday wasn’t an option either, too predictable. Besides, I’m not even a believer in the Valentine gospel. This year I’m glad it fell on a Sunday.
We can all get in the holy Sabbath day mood and move on with our lives on Monday!

It’s wasn’t a surprise to find so many people in the church with a touch of red here and there. Some guys went with a red tie, some, a red belt, some even went the all-time low with that red shoe. The ladies, on the other hand, seem to be easier on the eyes with red shoes, red bags, red this, red that. I couldn’t hold my laughter when the preacher asked how many selfies each lady had taken this week since prior to that he asked how many people they evangelized to during the week.

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Even though I was guilty of the evangelism part, it still felt good to have someone who also didn’t believe in the whole Val drama.

Two hours must have passed and the preacher was still at it. I checked my wristwatch, it was just half past ten. Wow! He had only used thirty minutes of his forty. I could have sworn he started two hours ago.

I was now counting down the remaining ten. I kept looking here and there in a bid to stay awake. I caught a glimpse of this lady in red, with a black scarf. That’s a true believer I thought. Not too long after, we rose to pray. I couldn’t help but catch her full coke-like figure.
“Focus” I cautioned myself. “Eyes closed!”

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“Amen!” I chorused with the entire church as the preacher rounded up the prayers. I survived that. We said the grace immediately after and it was over. As I made my way out of the auditorium, I felt a tap on my shoulder. “Emeka” I looked back and saw her standing all up in my face. “Toke?” I couldn’t believe my eyes. She was one of those friends you practically grew up with.

“So you’re the lady in red,” I said.
She was way different from what I remembered. She was really skinny back in the days. Now she had blossomed into this…this…this voluptuous creature. She just stood there and giggled. I continued to stare at her. Until she clapped in my face.

“What are you staring at? I will report you now.” She said with a flirtatious smile.

“Nothing!” a blatant lie.
I noticed the pool of eyes staring at us as she swayed from left to right on her heels as we walked to the car park. For a brief moment, I felt like a champ and we reminisced on some of our childhood memories.

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She had left the country for her undergraduate studies with her family about five years ago. An occurrence that left me heartbroken. She was my secret crush but I never told her before she left without saying goodbye.

She told me she was back for her NYSC programme after her dad insisted that she came back for it.

“So you were crushing on me back then?” She asked and continued “Well you know I had a crush on you too. I thought you didn’t see me that way you know” we laughed it off.
Her house was 3 blocks away from mine so she told her driver she was going to hitch a ride with me.

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