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» Erotic Story: How Segun Was Caught With His Friend’s Wife During An Explosive S*x Session

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As the conference ended quicker than expected, I decided to fly home on Tuesday night instead of returning on Friday as previously planned. In order to make the surprise complete, I decided not to call Ifeoma to let her know of my plans. My flight was delayed and by the time I made it to my car in the airport parking lot, it was already 10:30 PM.

“Oh!” I thought to myself, “This day is completely over. Oh, well, at least Ifeoma will be happy to have me home a few days early.”

I pulled up to the house and was a bit surprised a strange Honda Accord parked out in front. I figured it must be one of Ifeoma’s girlfriends, but I still wondered what she would be doing at the house so late. Curious, I looked for signs of lighting in the house, but didn’t see anything except for a small glow emanating from our bedroom.

Heart in my throat, I very quietly let myself into the back door of the house. I opened the door slowly and carefully to avoid making any noise and, immediately, I heard a rhythmic thumping sound and what sounded like loud moaning. After a few seconds, I realized I was hearing the bed smacking against the wall and the sounds of wild f*cking.

My legs turned to liquid and I could hardly walk. After many months of praying and patient waiting, could it be my dream was about to come true? Was I finally going to see a guy f*cking my wife in my own house?
I took off my shoes and slowly made my way towards our bedroom. I paused at the top of the stairs, afraid to peep in, because I didn’t want to be seen. I knew on impulse, that if I were seen, Ifeoma and whomever she was with would cease their actions and I would miss out on one of my biggest fantasies. My dick was throbbing painfully in my trousers, and I heard Ifeoma moaning and sobbing, demanding that “Segun” f*ck her p*ssy harder.

From what I can tell he was obliging her, because the sound of the bed pounding against the wall grew louder and more frequent. After two or three minutes, the banging bed stopped and I froze. I heard Ifeoma loudly tell Segun that she wanted to ride his big dick and I then heard the sounds of bodies shifting as they moved themselves into position.

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Soon, I heard Ifeoma sighing softly as Segun told her to ride his cock. I risked a quick glance into the room and was relieved to see that I was safe for the time being; Ifeoma was riding his dick with her back to me; neither of them could see me as I look closely around the corner of our bedroom door.

My good friend Segun had both his hands on my wife’s firm hips as she slowly fucked up and down on one of the biggest dicks I had ever seen. Wild with lust, I began to stroke my own hard dick through my trouser as Segun’s dick stuffed my cheating wife’s tight p*ssy. Faster and faster he pounded her pussy as she begin to howl and whimper.

“F*ck me, Baby!” She moaned as Segun powered his hard dick in and out of her p*ssy, “Your dick feels so good in me! It’s so f*cking big and hard! Split me open with it!”
“Bounce on it, Ifeoma,” Segun ordered her.

“Let me feel you bouncing on my cock. Ride that f*cking cock for me, Baby. Ride it like a horse!”

I watched, awestruck, as Ifeoma’s hips made small circles as she expertly fucked Segun’s big dick. My eyes were locked onto the junction where his dick slid in and out of her shaven p*ssy and wet, and lustful smacking sounds filled the room as she hopped her ass all over his rock-hard upper thighs. I saw him take one of his hands from Ifeoma’s hips and forcefully smack her tight little ass.

Smack…smack…smack…smack! A loud slapping sound filled that room as Segun firmly spanked Ifeoma’s humping ass with his open hand.
“Yesssss!” Ifeoma hissed mournfully, “Spank me, Baby! Spank my ass! Spank it hard! Make it jiggle! Make it jiggle!”

Smack…smack…smack…smack…smack! Segun’s slapping hand soon turned Ifeoma’s ass to his drum and I could clearly see the imprint of his big hand on her firm bubble ass-cheeks. His dick was a blur as he slammed it repeatedly in and out of Ifeoma’s clenching pussyhole making her moan with pleasure.

Suddenly, Segun stopped and whipped his swollen dick out of Ifeoma’s wet tight p*ssy. I quickly jerked back away from the door, afraid of being seen as Segun pulled Ifeoma from off top of him and rolled her onto her stomach. Lying on top of my tired, s*xy wife, he once again slid his glistening dick into her hot, slippery p*ssy.

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“Ohhhhh,” Ifeoma moaned and groaned lustfully as she let Segun’s hot dick completely fill her needy pussy. She pushed her ass high into the air, and Segun began to eagerly f*ck her upturned p*ssy.

“Use it, Baby, use that p*ssy good!” Ifeoma moaned loudly. “Stuff it with that big cock!”
My dick grew heavily in my trousers as Ifeoma urged him on. F*ck it as hard as you like! F*ck it as long as you want! F*ck it all night long! It’s yours! It’s yours! Use it, Baby! Use your pussy!”

Hearing those naughty, nasty words from Ifeoma made me dizzy. My wife was a cruel little whore and I love it! “Yes, Ifeoma,” I thought to myself, let him know that it is his p*ssy to use anyway he wants!”
I can tell Ifeoma’s naughty talk has affected Segun too, because he suddenly slowed down and then held himself almost motionless so as not to fill Ifeoma’s burning p*ssy with his hot cum.

Ifeoma, however, mistook his reason for stopping and with a throaty moan, asked, “Oh baby, do you want to f*ck me in the ass again? Is that what you want? Is that why you stopped? You want to shove that fat dick up Ifeoma’s tight little asshole?”

In the ass? Again? Ifeoma’s words pierced the haze in my head and I slowly sank to the carpet as the blood rushed from my head. As far as I knew, Ifeoma had never been ass f*cked before, I certainly had never stuck my own dick up her impossibly tight ass. I was so hot from hearing those words; I don’t know how I held back from cumming, but miraculously I did.

With his dick wedged deeply in her clenching p*ssy, Segun slowly shook his head from side to side. “Not yet, Ifeoma,” he responded. “Later maybe; right now, I want you to suck the cum out of my balls.”
With that he rolled off of top of my panting wife and Ifeoma let out a weak moan of protest as his dick slipped from her p*ssy, leaving it temporarily empty. Smiling broadly, Ifeoma pushed Segun onto his back and lowered her hot mouth onto his twitching cock.

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“Mmmmmm, mmmmmm. I taste sooo good on your dick,” Ifeoma moaned to Segun as she stared into his eyes.

Segun bit down hard on his lower lip, as he tried bravely not to cum in Ifeoma’s soft smooth mouth. Bit by bit, Ifeoma swallowed more of his trembling dick into her mouth and throat. Slowly, she began to move her head up and down, up and down, on Segun’s swollen dick. I could hear and see her drooling all over his dick and, after just a few moments, she reached a hand down and began to lightly rub his swollen balls.
“Do I do it good, Baby?” She asked hoarsely.

“Do I suck your dick well? Am I a good little dicksucker? Am I better than your wife? I bet she doesn’t rub your balls or suck on them the way I do!”

“You’re the best, Baby!” Segun responded with a catch in his voice, “You are the best ever! Titi could never suck my dick like this!”
Pleased at being informed that she was indeed a better dick sucker than Segun’s wife, Ifeoma closed her eyes and swallowed as much of his big dick as possible. My heart pounded widely as I watched five, then six, and then seven inches of hard dick disappear down Ifeoma’s clenching throat. After she had all but the final inch buried in her face, she just held it deep in her mouth and slowly shook her head from side to side.

A thick lump of spit worked its way from the corner of her widely stretched mouth and slowly slid down Segun’s trembling dick to his bloated balls.

Even from my position at the door, I could see that Segun’s balls were beginning to twitch and tighten as he fed Ifeoma all of his tormented dick. His breathing became more laboured and he let out a massive groan as the tightness of Ifeoma’s throat surrounding his hard dick overloaded him with lusty pleasure.

Looking him at him, Ifeoma must have felt his dick shudder deep down her throat.

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