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Man Reveals How Two Slay Queens Embarrassed Him During Their Date

Man Reveals How Two Slay Queens Embarrassed Him During Their Date

A young man recently took to his social media to reveal how he was embarrassed by two ladies he took out to lunch.

Even though he agreed that she came with her friend as that was the condition she gave him to be in attendance, the young man had barely touched his meal when the lady goofed!

Check out the narration here:

Been asking this bae out and she finally agreed to go out with me today on the condition she’ll come along with her friend. I said no wahala.

I got to TFC before them and they came in 2 minutes later. We ordered drinks at first and chit chat a little, then ordered something to eat. All these while they were snapping photos like they some kind of celebrity. As we were about to leave, I asked if they wanted take away. One of of them suggested shawarma, the other girl said same but she doesn’t want “hotdog” included.

Her reason, hotdog is made of dog meat!! shocked .

Then the argument started. This babe nor wan gree, she said she’s very sure it’s made of dog meat and if she mistakenly eat hotdog, boil will catch her in her armpit. And to make matters worse she didn’t keep her voice low. All eyes were on us and laughing as well.

This same babe is using an iPhone with a valid subscription which she was prolly using for Instagram and the likes.

Finally told her to go on google and do a search. At first she refused. Said she knows what she’s saying, later she did the search and still wasn’t convinced. Even before we left there, she stood her ground. Hotdog is made of dog meat.

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