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» Update! Airtel 4G Lite Is Now Active In 3 Nigerian States | See Details

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Update! Airtel 4g Lite Is Now Active In 3 Nigerian States | See Details

After several months turning to years of anticipation, i’m pleased to inform you that Airtel Nigeria 4G LTE service is now live and active in three states as of the time of writing, which are: Ogun, Lagos and Ibadan. This started few weeks ago as couple of users started noticing the presence of Airtel 4G LTE on their devices.

Airtel is actually the latest telecom operator in Nigeria to release its 4G LTE service; MTN, Glo and 9Mobile did that a long time ago. Airtel 4G, like I earlier stated, is confirmed working in Ogun, Lagos and Ibadan. Hopefully, it will roll out to other major states and cities in the country like Abuja, Kano and Port Harcourt.

What is Airtel 4G LTE Band?

Airtel is running on Band 3 (1800MHz) which is compatible with almost all 4G enabled smartphones.

Airtel 4G Speed Test Result

Airtel 4G boasts of 28.45 Mbps download speed and 8.77 Mbps upload speed when tested using the Speedtest app in Ibadan.

Update! Airtel 4g Lite Is Now Active In 3 Nigerian States | See Details

How to Activate Airtel 4G LTE

Simply go to the nearest Airtel office to you with your current (3G) SIM card and request for a SIM swap. Once successfully done, Airtel 4G LTE will be fully active on your line.

How to Check if Airtel 4G is Available in my State/Area

That’s pretty easy! You can run a check to see if Airtel 4G LTE network is live in your area by going to Settings (in your 4G supported phone) >> Mobile networks >> Network operators >> Search networks. Wait for a few minutes, then a list of available networks will be shown on your screen.

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More info about Airtel 4G LTE will be coming up in future posts, for now, kindly share and tell us if the service is available in your area.

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