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Every Artist has their reasons why they ventured into the Music industry. It could be positive or negative, Though Some Artists Can’t Really Tell Why They Jump Into The Music Game . Maybe it’s a Hobby They Later Took Seriously And Most Of Them are Always in search For Ways to Make Money doing Music, Getting Fame Or Even Getting Ladies Tripping and Falling(For the Male Artists).

Generally, Artistes Do Music to Express themselves and share their Ideas, Share Their Stories or maybe To Pass On A Message. It took me over two weeks to interview some successful Musicians on why they choose Music .

Let’s know why this 7 Musicians started Music!

1. Chrismek The Weavon Master

“Music has always been a major part of my life. When I was younger, I was a church boy who sang in the choir for years.I embraced music because I aim to make a mark in the music industry. I aim to positively contribute to the growth of our society through my music and also leave an indelible mark in the music industry.

Many artistes of this generation are more interested in the beat than the music and intelligent contents. This is the reason why we have a lot of hit tracks that have become history now. The relevance of such hits become time bound.

Good music on the other hand never dies. This is why no matter how long music by legends likeSunny Ade, Bob Marley, 2 Face and others will never fade. This is because of the messages and relevance of their songs to our everyday life.

I have been in this music game for years but I had to take time out to study the Nigerian music industry and what it take to make good music before releasing my own songs.”

2. Specimen The Lyrical Avatar

On Our Second List Here Is One Of The Sickest Lyricist And A Dope Rapper Known As Specimen Omo Ologo, He Calls Himself The Lyrical Avatar.

In Few Words Specimen Told Us Why He Chose Music. Let’s Hear Him Out!

“As an artiste I chose music to be my mode of communication to the world

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So by listening to my songs you can understand what’s running through my mind”

3. Simple Swagxx The musical pharmacist

“Music? Nah. It never crossed my mind i will become one (An Artiste) From The Beginning…Loving Music is different from being A Musician. I Grew up among boys who loved music with A passion.

I gradually developed interest in it as a young chap, i mime every song i heard..listening to songs brought passion ,i started writing songs,going to shows and studios, with the help of a big uncle i became familiar with every detail about music.

I see and hear Music in Everything I Do, Everything Around Me , Stories Can Be Turned Into Songs and Songs Can Be Turned Into Stories.I found music as the most easiest way to express my deep feelings.

Another Reason I Chose Music Is Because i Strongly Believe The Love I Had for Music Lead Me Into It…

I Live Music ,I dream Music , I Even Eat Music in the sense that I Preferred to listen to Music Most time and forgets I have not eaten… I choose music because I don’t have another thing in comparison with it..

I see music as a religious thing, Music Kinda Heal, Music is a Divinely Thing,A heavenly thing, It’s just like a pill, get the right one and you will be cured. I choose music because it’s the only thing everything every one listen to. Even as a musician you still listen and buy other’s songs and listen to other’s songs too

so it’s gonna be music music music..”

4. Oskid Hansom

“Music has been what I know how to do better
I use my music to pass massage to people in the society.

Been a multi talented singer doesn’t mean I depend on the beat but really focus in my lyrics,I discovered many young artists today depend on the beat not on the message any more.

The music industry today has gone so wildly and I took out time to study the business look at our legend today they use music as a massage.”

5. Voca Tha Rapper

On Our 5th List Here Is One Of Kaduna’s Finest Female Lyricist… A Rapper, Singer And Entertainer, She Calls Her Self Voca Tha Rapper. Hear Her Out On Why She Chose Music!

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“People say music is there life but i say music is me my name is Victoria chinemerem(stage name VOCA),am a female singer/rapper.

You can say i have been in the industry for years but i say i havent began till my songs are on every lips like anthems,
the first time i wrote a rap line i was age 9(nine). i never started music as the girl in the church choir or church band i started music in my own world.

One of the reasons i started music anytime i pick a pen and a note book my feelings and imaginations comes alive.

I can tell a life story with few barz
am a lady with few words so i let my music speak for me,i tend to try to let people into my world, literally i want to rule the world with good music.

I want to make my self known in the music world,i want to take home the best awards and perform on the greatest stage.

If i become successful i wish to create a gateway for other ladies to musical success cause the challenges are much. through God’s grace i will make it through, i will achieve my dreams.”

6. Plus One Mr Ader

“An adage says “Different folks with different strokes” I.e what face other may back others, people choose music base on different Ideology or believe, better still, let me say based on individual conviction.

First of all, what is music?… Music can be simply said to be an act of passing message across to the community, weather to ease off stress or to educate people. In accordance with this definition of music, I have chosen music to actualize, visualize and to commercialized what I love to do most, which is music.

Basically, passing messages and making people happy is what I love doing, right from my childhood, so when I grew up, music is then discovered to be a platform where my talents or gifted act can be exercise and practice!!!

Why I choose music is because , its my life, my gift and I can as well call it my calling. My advice to my fellow acts, both rising stars(upcoming) and the known acts is that, if you want to choose music or you’ve chosen music already, the primary aims of choosing music will keep you moving or keep you stagnant, let it be a passion to influence the community positively not otherwise.”

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7. ITz Wize De-light Crew

“Music as we all know is the combination of sounds that is pleasant to the ear. However, music to me is more than the above definition in the sense that is a part of my life. Like I usually say, music is not what keeps me entertained but is who i am.

Moreso,I have discovered over time that music is much more powerful than prayer because from my little knowledge of Bible I got to know the power of praise from King David,our brothers paul and Silas, revelation talking about the four and twenty four elders and so on….. With this evidence alone I get inspired to worship at any time and any place.

So to me,music is more than a carer it’s a personal experience which I can’t do without in life if I must progress.and please always remember that anything worth doing is worth doing well.”

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7 Promising Musicians Shared Why They Choose Music | Read Up! Every Artist has their reasons why they ventured into the Music industry. It could be positive or negative, Though Some Artists Can't Really Tell Why They Jump Into The Music Game . Maybe it’s a Hobby They...