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What you probably don’t know about Facebook messenger

What you probably don’t know about Facebook messenger – What we don’t know about fb messenger

After getting message from my Facebook friend in united state of america saying she want to delete Facebook messenger, I decided to figure out why and I discover her reasons.

These are what you don’t know about Facebook messenger
Facebook messenger gives Facebook access to see your chats without your permission.
Facebook messenger allows Facebook to record and listen all your calls and also your call log.
Facebook messenger can access your front and back camera without your permission.

So with these I’m sure you know that not only Facebook can see this, even hackers can also see all these. I’m not saying you should delete your messenger because its the best social media so far but why did they make it mandatory to use Facebook messenger.

In case you don’t know Facebook owns Whatsapp which means samething also applies to Whatsapp, so please be careful with the type of information you share on these platform. For businessmen I advice you use normal text messages. We at GoldenEyeNG.com cares about your security, so we will keep you updated.

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