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» [18+ Story]: Sharing Esther with my roommate – [Esther began moving her hand up and down the length of my d!ck]

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It began as a very normal Friday night with my sweetheart Esther, and I relaxing in my room. We sat on my matrass pretending to play a game on my phone and smooching. More accurately, Esther played ‘Candy Crush’ while I, far too distracted by her curvy figure to join in playing, interrupted her with kisses.

At only 8pm my roommate Obinna came back. He takes clubbing seriously. I was quite stunned by his early return on a Friday night. As soon as he sat down I was reminded of his reasons.

“Bro, you know how I have the ENG 411 test tomorrow morning.”
“Yeah, sure,” I responded letting Esther play the game for the moment.
“I need to get some sleep so I was hoping Esther could sleep at her apartment tonight.”

For the past couple of months, Esther had been consistently sleeping in my bed without the slightest complaint from him, in fact he was the deepest sleeper I have ever met, so his request came as something of a surprise. Before I could say anything, he continued,
“I know you people are cool whenever I bring a girl back and usually I am cool with Esther being here but tomorrow is real important for me.”

By now Esther had quit her game and was paying full attention to the conversation. Obviously not enjoying the long walk back to her dorm, she spoke up.

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“We can be really quiet tonight.”
“Yes,” I seconded her, “it’s not like we’ve ever woken you up before.”

“I know,” responded Obinna in a remorseful tone,

“I feel real bad asking you this. But I know you two make noise in bed together and if I get woken up once I don’t know if I will be able to make it back to sleep.”

“We won’t wake you up at all tonight, we’ll be real quiet,” I said.
“Look,” Esther said, “if we wake you up I will find somewhere else to sleep and it will be nice and quiet.”

“See,” Esther continued well aware he was actually a heavy sleeper,
“If we actually manage to wake you up I’ll come sleep in your bed the rest of the night and put you to sleep myself.”

Obinna paused for a second after that comment while his gaze drifted down Esther’s curvy body. “Sleep with me like you sleep with your boyfriend?” he asked, to be very sure.

“Sure,” responded Esther never thinking this would happen, “but don’t get your hopes up. You know you are just being unreasonable again.”

True to form, despite his worries, he was asleep minutes after climbing into the top. With the lights off, and getting tired of ‘candy crush’, there wasn’t much to do so soon. Esther and I had decided to go to sleep as well. I stripped down and got into the bunk while I watched Esther change into her white nightgown by the glow of my phone.


Turning off the phone and throwing the room into blackness, Esther climbed into bed next to me.

Esther cuddled up to me with a moan of contentment and I responded with a gentle kiss on her neck as we made ready to go to sleep.

Sleep itself was difficult to come by, Esther’s round ass separated from my d.!ck by only a thin layer of silk was not the world’s best sleep booster. Soon the temptation of Esther’s hem line, barely an inch from indecency was too much.

I slid my hand up from its resting place on Esther’s thigh and under her nightie. Reaching forward, my fingers parted the brief resistance and slid between Esther’s thighs. I heard her breath quicken as I gently played with her clit. Before long my fingers were wet with lubrication and, to the accompaniment of a muted gasp from Esther, I slid one deep into her body.

My internal explorations lasted only a moment before Esther turned around to face me. I could do nothing for a moment as I returned her passionate kiss but as soon as my mouth was free; my fingers sought her Pu.$$y again.

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Esther was not going to let the favour go unreturned and I felt her finger tips playfully slide over my chest. My concentration began to lapse as her hand reached my abdomen and once her fingers wrapped around my hard d.!ck, all appearance of rational thought evaporated.

Esther began moving her hand up and down the length of my d.!ck filling my body with delightful S3@.x:’ual energy. I reached out with my free hand to grab a bed post. My knuckles grazed something hard and plastic and I felt Esther dive forward trying to catch whatever I had jostled but a moment later I heard a crash as it hit the floor.

Immediately the loud electronic buzz of my roommate’s alarm filled the air and Esther jumped up to turn it off.

Esther unplugged the alarm out of the wall socket but it was already too late.

Even as the last buzz faded into silence I heard my roommate above me turn and ask,
“What’s going on? Is it morning already?” Embarrassed at waking him up on the day of his test, and not knowing how to apologize I paused for a moment to think of something to say. While I thought Esther moved quickly to apologize.

“No, Obinna,” apologized Esther moving to stand next to his bed, “that was our fault, we’re really sorry.”

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